Little River Gun Club was organized for the purpose of sponsoring and promoting good sportsmanship through proficient and enjoyable trap, skeet, pistol and rifle shooting and the safe handling of firearms. This was the way it was back in January of 1959 when the club petitioned themselves as a corporation.  

   In the past, monthly shoots were held and friendly competition between the members was on going. Currently, there is no competitive shoots. Little River Gun Club consists of a Mini 5-Stand, trap field, 5-stand field (Sporting Clay),  rifle and pistol range.  All are available for each member to use. 

   Wednesday night suppers are a big hit around here this is a time when the club officers do the cooking (Some of the Officers) and the club members and guests do the eating. 

    A Monday Morning tradition continues on when the older members get together and shoot a couple of rounds of Mini 5 Stand. This has been going on for many years and will continue on into the future. These folks may have a little gray hair, but there’s very few targets that get away. 

    Guests of Members are welcome at any time, even though the club is private friendly faces are always welcome to visit our facilities. Annual membership term if from January through December. Contact any club officer if you wish additional information.