Little River Gun Club
Items for Sale by LRGC members are between seller and purchaser and LRGC has no responsibility for transactions or products.

Monthly Business Meeting is second Wednesday of each month and meeting begins at 7:00 PM - meal is before meeting.

Cost per round of Mini-5, Trap and 5-Stand is $3.50 per round for members. Guest cost is $5.00 per 25 round.

Range Hours - Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM on lighted ranges - 9:00 AM to sunset on non-lighted ranges. Sunday 11:00 AM start time with the same end time as the remainder of the week.

Effective with May 2011 business meeting new members must have a primary and co-sponsor and one of the sponsors and the applicant must be at the meeting to be voted on for membership. The sponsor must complete a form that states that he/she has shot with applicant and considers them safe in handling firearms.

Guest Releases - Don't forget to get all the information necessary on the release form including your name and signature.
ALSO - place the completed release forms in the box on the sign in table. 

Proper Range use - no center fire rifles or shotguns are to be shot on the pistol range.
Paper/plastic stick on targets are the only approved targets for the rifle and pistol ranges - if you are shooting cans and golf balls, or any other type of target you place on the ground and someone identifies you as the offender your membership will be revoked.

In the past individuals, members and non-members, have requested they be allowed to conduct some type of training at the LRGC facility - unless said individual is going to offer this training for free and to each member and family member such activity is prohibited.   If anyone is aware, or has suspicions, of such activity please report said activity to one of the officers so an official investigation can be launched. 

Members - the immediate family, that is the children of all members, shall have use of the club facilities on any regular or supervised shooting day, immediate family is used herein shall constitute all dependents of members that are twenty-one years of age and under, residing with or in the same household as the member. The other family members are not considered as the "key holder" only the member that signed the application. No family member is allowed to use LRGC without the presence of the key holder. The spouse of any active member in good standing shall also be a member, not key holder, and each of them shall have a right to cast one vote on all club functions and activites requiring a vote. It appears some members are bringing other family members and not having them pay the fee for shooting on the rifle and pistol ranges. The fee is $5.00 per guest per day.
The fee for the shotgun venues are currently $3.50 per round of 25 target for members.

Mini-5 Range shot size reminder - #8, 8 1/2, and 9 are the only shot sizes allowed on the Mini-5 Range - ANYONE caught using anything else will be expelled from LRGC - NO EXCEPTIONS.
Pistol and Rifle range shooters - the target strings are no longer available to attach targets. Instead you will need paper tape or a staple gun to afix your targets to the new panels that were placed.  REMEMBER - DO NOT SHOOT THE POST or place any targets on the ground and do not shoot above the top of the panels. Only targets afixed to the panels are allowed. 
Remember to  sign in  when you  visit the range and if you bring a guest - have the guest  complete the  release form if they have not completed one in the past five years.  The release form must  have the Guest signature and printed name and you (member) must witness (print) and sign the form too. Place the completed release form in the same box the pay envelopes are deposited. Remember the Guest must pay $5.00 if they shoot on the rifle and pistol range and $5.00 for each 25 round of clay targets on the shotgun ranges. Remember that a family member can be listed under the member as long as they are under the age of 21 and reside with the member.  If the family member is over 21 years of age they must be treated as a Guest and complete the Release form and pay Guest fees for whatever venue they shoot.
Example of fee charges - Guest shoots 3 rounds of Trap and practices their rifle and pistol skills - $15.00 for Trap and $5.00 for rifle and pistol range for a total of $20.00.
Range orientation for new members must be scheduled with those conducting the training.  New members who have not attended the orientation class will not be given a key!