Little River Gun Club Safety Rules

Updated: January 1, 2012

1.   Safety glasses and hearing protection are mandatory at all hot ranges whether shooting or not.

2.   When shooting in groups, one person must act as range officer to make sure everyone is aware of the status of the range (range hot or range clear). Anyone may call “cease fire” at any time. If cease fire is called, all firearms must be immediately cleared or holstered and placed in a safe position. If multiple shooters are firing together, slower fire is required to enable hearing the commands of the range officer.

3.   All firearms must remain unloaded, and the action must be open whenever possible, and with fingers away from the trigger at all times unless on the firing line and ready to shoot.

4.   Firearms will not be handled when anyone is down range.

5.   Concealed or holstered carry by licensed shooters is allowed however their firearms must remain concealed or holstered until on the firing line.

6.   No rapid fire (machine gun like sound) on any range. Rapid fire may create problems with our neighbors.

7.   All firing must be aimed. All firing must be from a distance where impact on the target is assured. No fast draw or firing from the hip. Shooters may only handle one loaded gun at a time.

8.   Anyone under the age of 18 must be directly supervised by a club member at all times when on club property.

9.   All projectiles must land on club property thus

  • Rifle/Pistol ranges: only shoot paper or plastic targets attached to the designated target areas in front of the berms.

  • No rifle or pistol shooting at targets placed on the ground as the projectiles may ricochet.

  • All rifle or pistol rounds must hit the berm no more than 6 feet above the ground.

  • Skeet: Standard target loads at approximately 1,200 FPS with #8, 8 ˝, or 9 shot only.

  • Trap: Standard target loads at approximately 1,200 FPS with 8, 8 ˝, or 9 shot only.

  • 5 stand: Standard target loads at approximately 1,200 FPS with #8, 8 ˝, or 9 shot only. No shooting to the right of the right side orange boundary limit.

  • The patterning board is restricted to 7 ˝ thru 9 shot with standard target loads at approximately 1,200 FPS .

  • Larger shot sizes may be patterned at the rifle range using the designated area.

10. Never walk in front of the clay target throwing machines. Serious injury is possible.

11. All clay target throwers must be turned off and disarmed prior to filling with targets and after you finish shooting.

12. Shotguns are restricted to a two shell maximum.

13. Only standard pistol cartridges are allowed on the handgun range.  No rifle or shotgun rounds fired from handguns are permitted. Handguns firing rifle rounds may be fired at the rifle range. Examples of standard handgun rounds are .22 rim fire, 9MM Luger, 357 mag., 44 mag., 45 ACP, 45 Colt, 500 S&W, etc.

14. No 50 BMG rifles or any of its derivatives or wildcats based on the 50 BMG cartridge are allowed. This round is too noisy and powerful given the close proximity of houses.

15. You must pick up and dispose of all unexploded ammunition; do not leave it on the range.



General Club Rules

1. Alcohol and Illegal Substances:



2. Horseplay on club property will not be tolerated, period.



4. Range Hours:

Shooting hours are from 9:00A.M. to 9:00 P.M Monday thru Saturday and 11:00 A.M to 9:00 P.M. on Sunday.  Shooting is prohibited after sunset on non-lighted ranges.


5. Member Responsibilities:

Definition of the “Key Holder of Record”- the “Key Holder of Record” is defined as the member who applied for membership to LRGC, was voted on and approved by the officers and the club membership at a regular business meeting.

Members of the “Key Holder of Records” immediate family are not considered “Key Holders of Record”.

A. As the “Key Holder of Record” of LRGC, it is your responsibility to keep your key in your possession at all times.  Never let anyone, even members of your immediate family, borrow or use your key for access to the ranges and facilities.  Violation of this requirement is grounds for dismissal and removal from the club.

B. Report any unsafe, dangerous or unacceptable activity or behavior occurring at LRGC.

C. Report any malfunction of range equipment.

D. You are responsible for your safety and the safety of others.

E. You are responsible for range housekeeping and trash disposal. This is your club, please keep it clean.

F. All members and guests must sign in upon arrival.


6. Range Fees:

Pay ranges fees to cover the cost of the clays.  The fees are $3.50 per round for members and $5.00 per round for nonmembers.  The payment envelopes are located just inside the door of the club house on a table.  Use these envelopes for range fee payments.  Please fill the envelopes out correctly; write down your name, date, how many rounds were shot and what was shot (skeet, trap, 5 stand, etc.).  Place the payment in the envelope and deposit the envelope in the slot on the storage room door.  You are on the honor system for these payments.  Intentional nonpayment of fees is grounds for dismissal and removal from the Club.


7. Refilling Skeet, Trap & 5 Stand Machines:

Refill the clay target machines when finished shooting.  Boxes of clays are generally stored in or near the machine houses; but if there are none, please go to the storage trailer and retrieve the appropriate boxes.


8. Pistol Range:

A. The pistol range is for handguns and rim fire rifles only.  All else will be fired on the rifle range.

B. No center fire rifles or rifle cartridge firing handgun are permitted on the pistol range.

C. The shelter and tables should not be considered the only firing line.

  • You may move closer to the berm if you are the only one on the range or if other shooters agree to move with you.

  • All shooters must fire at the same distance from the berm.

  • No shooter may fire from behind any other shooter.

  • No firearms may be handled behind the firing line or when anyone is down range.


9. Shot Shell Ranges:

A. Only #8, #8 1/2, and #9 shot target loads at approximately 1,200 FPS maximum are allowed on the skeet and 5 stand ranges. High brass and express loads are prohibited and anyone using anything other than target loads in the described shot sizes will have his/her membership terminated.

B. Only Standard target loads at approximately 1,200 FPS using  #8, #8 ˝, and #9 shot are allowed on the trap range.

C. No more than two shells may be loaded into a shotgun at any time.

D. Shotguns must have the action open when on the firing line until it’s your turn to shoot.

E. Shotguns may be placed in the shotgun rack with the action closed provided the shooter has confirmed it is unloaded. The action must be opened immediately upon removal from the rack.

F. Never shoot at broken clays or mis-thrown targets as shot may land off the property.


10. Rifle Range:

A. Center fire and rim fire rifles, shotguns, slug guns, pistol cartridge chambered rifles, handguns, and muzzleloaders are permitted on the rifle range.

B. Actions must be kept open except when on the firing line and preparing to shoot.

C. The shelter and tables should not be considered the only firing line.

·         You may move closer to the berm if you are the only one on the range or if other shooters agree to move with you.

·         All shooters must fire at the same distance from the berm.

·         No shooter may fire from behind any other shooter.

·         No firearms may be handled behind the firing line or when anyone else is down range.


11. Housekeeping:

A. Dispose of used targets and ammo boxes in the trash barrels provided at each range. 

B. Dispose of large targets in the big dumpster located at the entrance.

C. Pick up and dispose of all shot shells on the skeet, trap and 5 stand ranges.

D. Dispose of empty clay boxes in the big dumpster provided.

E. Dispose of all trash, (bottles, cans, food containers, wrappers, etc.) in the dumpster provided on the way out; as this type trash on the range attracts unwanted flies and bees.


12. Gate Lock and Clubhouse Locks:

A. Lock the range gate after you enter except on meeting nights or special event days.

B. Lock the range gate on the way out, if you are the last member to leave or if you suspect you are the last member on the property.

C. Lock the clubhouse, when and if it is unattended.


13. Guest and Visitors

A. Guest and visitors must be accompanied by a club member at all times.  As a member you are responsible for their behavior and safety.

B. Guest and visitors must comply with all range rules.

C. Guest must complete and sign a release form before shooting, member must witness, print and sign their name and the form must be placed in the box on the sign in table.

D. Guests under the age of 18 must have the release signed by a parent or guardian. If you are not the parent or legal guardian you must have the release signed by a bona fide parent or legal guardian before the guest may shoot. Please plan ahead to make the proper arrangements.


14. Shot shell and Reloading Components:

A. Shot shell and reloading components are provided as a service to club members.

B. Shell and components are passed along essentially at cost; mark up is enough to cover shipping charges, fuel surcharges, handling, etc.

C. Shell and components are not a source of income for the club.

D. Pay for shell and components using the envelopes provided; fill out the envelopes completely so we can better track inventory for re-orders.


15. Club Officers:

            A. Club officers serve voluntarily and are not compensated.  Please respect that service.

            B. Their duties are defined in the Constitution and By Laws.


16. Do not shoot at or kill any of the wildlife or domestic pets on LRGC property.





 This is a copy of the Little River Gun Clubs rules as of January 1, 2012. The rules may be changed or modified at any time to address issues as they arise. It is each member’s responsibility to keep up to date on rule changes. The latest rules are posted at our website at and they will have the last date they were modified directly below the Safety Rules title. Please remain up to date on our rules.


 An up to date copy will always be posted in the club house for your reference. The posted clubhouse copy will be signed by the club secretary. Any other copies may not be up to date.



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